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Safe and natural way of curing eye floaters

Eye floater is a floating speck in the eye. This can impact our vision by blocking some light into our eyes. Here we’ll share some tips to get rid of this eye floaters with a safe and natural way so we can get a pair of clear eyes.

Before we know the safe and natural way of curing the floater in the eye, we must know what are the eye floaters causes, so we can avoid a potential source of the speck. Most cases of eye floater comes from something like this: Vitreous Syneresis which caused by gradually changes of the vitreous humor, eye infections, facials alteration, eye inflammation, vitreous detachment, posterior vitreous detachment where the gelatinous structure of the vitreous may start to shrink and many particles detached from the edges of the vitreous and move to the center of the eye, side effect of the chemicals that contained in a skin treatment drug, weight loss pills and illegal drugs which altering the chemical balance in the body, the riskier surgeries that is associated with the eyes surgery, eye scratching and touching, and any substance floating in the vitreous that is not entirely transparent include red blood cells, white blood cells, darker vitreous spots and even tiny remains of an eye surgery.

With some of those things, we have to learn to relax our body and mind to manage our stress. Take time to break and relax, where our eyes will stop suffering from strain which is one of the major causes for most of the eye problems. Exercise like tracing and palming is very good to relax our eyes and improve eyesight. Massaging our temples will help the healing of the eye floater, and helps to relax our mind and reduce headaches. Extract juice made from vegetables and fruit every day as a nutrient for the eyes and for blood circulation and therefore helps treat the floater in the eyes.

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